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Board Action Request

Item Description:
Human Services & Public Health resolution, including contracts and amendments to contracts with provider – Report 2107

BE IT RESOLVED, that the contracts, contract amendments and administrative actions of the Human Services & Public Health Department and Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation made pursuant to chapters 256E and 393 of Minnesota Statutes, as detailed in Human Services & Public Health Contract Report 2107 be approved; that the report be filed in Contract Management Services; that the Chair of the Board be authorized to sign the contracts, contract amendments, and administrative actions on behalf of the County; and that the Controller be authorized to disburse funds as directed. Such contracts are subject to ministerial adjustment, when such adjustments are done within the constraints of the approved Hennepin County Budget and when signed by the County Department Director or Designee. 


The contracted dollar amounts are based on estimates of program costs and/or utilization during prior periods. Funding for each contract is provided for within service categories in the Human Services & Public Health Department and Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation approved annual budgets. Occasionally new services are implemented which are not in the budget, but which are fully funded under state or federal grants or other new funding. 


Contracted dollar estimates are based upon prior year usage and are subject to fluctuation in placement patterns, service need, and cost shifts. Therefore, it may be necessary to process ministerial adjustments to contracts to increase or decrease contract amounts or to make minor service changes consistent with the department budget and strategic plan. Placement agreements are also processed administratively. 


Contracts include services in the following areas: adult mental health; developmental disabilities; chemical health; adult housing; early intervention and family intervention services, interpreter services, health services, welfare advocacy, and various other human services. Expectations for ongoing outcome measurement are included in all new, renewal, or extended contracts. Outcome measures, which are developed by the county and contracted providers, assess the effectiveness of a service and its impact on an eligible recipient’s condition or functioning level. Outcome information is used to modify or improve programs as well as to evaluate effectiveness of different types of intervention and providers. A detailed listing of the specific actions requested by this BAR and an explanation of all unusual items is reflected in the summary of the report. 

Recommendation from County Administrator: Recommend Approval