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Approve amendment to Pioneer-Sarah Creek Watershed Mgmt Commission Plan

BE IT RESOLVED, that the plan amendment submitted by the Pioneer-Sarah Creek Watershed Management Commission, including a revised capital improvement program, be approved.


History: The Pioneer-Sarah Creek Watershed Management Commission has proposed a minor plan amendment to its Watershed Management Plan. The purpose of this minor plan amendment is to add 15 new projects, remove 20 projects and adjust the timing of two projects from its Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).


Hennepin County Public Works reviewed the commission’s proposed minor plan amendment and found it to be consistent with the Surface Water Management section of the Hennepin County 2030 Comprehensive Plan Update and the Hennepin County Natural Resources Strategic Plan. Public Works staff recommended to the commission that more emphasis should be placed on projects that address external sources of pollution, such as runoff from fields, yards, roads and parking lots, in addition to internal sources, or pollution that is already in the body of water. Secondly, staff commented that additional funding from the use of its levy authority could increase the commission’s capacity to perform outreach to landowners and assist them with navigating complex water resource projects, agencies, and procedures.

Additional information about the minor plan amendment is provided in a supplemental staff recommendation report.

Current Request: This request is to approve an amendment to the commission’s Watershed Management Plan. The amendment will add 15 new projects, remove 20 projects and adjust the timing of two projects from its CIP.

Impact/Outcomes: Approval of this request will allow the commission to update its Watershed Management Plan and facilitate completion of projects that improve water quality, which may lead to completion of projects that improve water quality throughout the watershed.

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Report - Staff Report Pioneer-Sarah 20186/18/2018Backup Material