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Board Action Request

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Approve amendment to Bassett Creek Watershed Mgmt Commission Plan; set Bassett Creek Watershed Mgmt Commission’s 2019 max levy at $1,436,000 for projects to improve water quality

BE IT RESOLVED, that the plan amendment submitted by the Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission, including a revised capital improvement plan, be approved; that the 2019 maximum levy for the commission be set at $1,436,000, and that the levy be certified to the county auditor and be placed on all taxable property under the jurisdiction of the commission.


History: The Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission has proposed a minor plan amendment to its 2015 Watershed Management Plan. The minor plan amendment adds two new projects to its Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

Staff reviewed the proposed minor plan amendment and found it to be consistent with the Surface Water Management section of the Hennepin County 2030 Comprehensive Plan Update and the Hennepin County Natural Resources Strategic Plan. As a result, staff recommends approval of the proposed minor plan amendment to the commission’s Watershed Management Plan. Additional information about the minor plan amendment is provided in supplemental staff recommendation report.

In addition to the proposed minor plan amendment, the commission requests a levy of $1,436,000 to fund the commission’s portion of the project costs to complete two water quality projects that are listed as high priorities in the CIP. The projects will achieve the commission’s goals to reduce flooding and improve water quality of surface waters in the watershed, including the main stem of Bassett Creek and Westwood Lake and downstream resources including the Mississippi River. Descriptions of the projects to be implemented in part by the levy funds are:

  1. The Medicine Lake Road and Winnetka Avenue Long Term Flood Mitigation Plan Implementation: DeCola Ponds B & C Improvement Project (Golden Valley) will address significant flooding issues in the City of Golden Valley by adding approximately 22 acre-feet of additional flood storage for the 100-year frequency flood event. This project will reduce flood depth at Medicine Lake Road’s low point allowing passage of emergency vehicles, as well as eliminate one structure (a 12-unit condominium on Rosalyn Court) from flooding risk and improve access to Rosalyn Court during a during a 100-year storm. The project also reduces phosphorus load by 9 pounds per year and restores 2.7 acres of wetland and upland habitat. Total project costs are estimated at $3,800,000. The commission requests a 2019 levy of $1,031,500. The commission plans to levy another $500,000 for this project next year. The remaining project costs will be covered by grants and the City of Golden Valley.

  2. The Westwood Lake Water Quality Improvement Project (St. Louis Park) will collect stormwater runoff from the roof of a new interpretive center at Westwood Hills Nature Center and route it through a series of channels and basins. Estimated project costs are $404,500, and commission requests a 2019 maximum levy of $404,500.


Levies authorized pursuant to Minnesota Statutes section 103B.251 are exempt from any statutory limitation on taxes. A county levying a tax under Minnesota Statutes section 103B.251 shall not include that tax in the county’s general levy but shall separately certify that amount to the county auditor. The county auditor shall extend that levy as a special taxing district. The commission must certify its final levies to the county auditor prior to October 1, 2018.

Current Request: This request is to approve an amendment to the commission’s Watershed Management Plan and set the Bassett Creek WMC 2019 maximum levy at $1,436,000 for projects that will reduce flooding and improve water quality and quantity. The amendment will add two projects to the commission’s Capital Improvement Program.

Impact/Outcomes: Approval of this request will allow certification of the maximum levy to the county auditor for inclusion in Truth in Taxation statement and facilitate improved water quality.  Projects in this request will protect and improve water quality in Westwood Lake, engage the public on water resources management with interpretive signs and recreational opportunities at Westwood Hills Nature Center, reduce flooding on Medicine Lake Road and in the vicinity of DeCola Ponds in Golden Valley, and improve water quality in the main stem of Bassett Creek.

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