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Recognition of Volunteer Appreciation Month - offered by Commissioner Greene

WHEREAS, volunteers at Hennepin County are vital to our work to achieve our goals to ensure that residents are healthy, self-reliant, assured due process, mobile, protected and safe; and


WHEREAS, Hennepin County employees give their personal time, creativity, expertise and compassion to expand our reach into communities, making this an even better place to live; and


WHEREAS, last year, 4,278 generous people of Hennepin County gave 134,839 hours to help their neighbors, teaching English to adults, tutoring children in algebra, teaching computer skills to seniors, keeping our roadsides litter-free, guiding people’s efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle more and keeping our waterways clean, and so much more; and


WHEREAS, Hennepin County employees gave at least 1,461 hours of their own time, serving meals to people experiencing homelessness, playing with animals at Minneapolis Animal Care and Control, collecting school supplies and stuffing backpacks for schoolkids, and so much more; and


WHEREAS, all volunteers make a kinder community; and


WHEREAS, Volunteer Appreciation is recognized nationally each spring, a time set aside for gratitude to our neighbors and colleagues who give of themselves without asking for anything in return; therefore


BE IT RESOLVED, that the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners hereby proclaims April 2019, as Volunteer Appreciation Month, in admiration and gratitude for all of our volunteers.

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