Item Coversheet

Board Action Request

Item Description:
Amd 4 to Agmt A154302 with the MN Dept of Human Services to accept grant funding for the provision of support services in permanent housing programs for long-term homeless, ext end date to 12/31/19, incr recv by $93,000; supp appr of $93,000 to 2019 HSPH budget

BE IT RESOLVED, that Amendment 4 to Agreement A154302 with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, in support of the Governor’s Plan to End Long-Term Homelessness and as part of the Human Services and Public Health Department’s Long-Term Homelessness Initiative, extending the end date through December 31, 2019 and increasing the receivable amount by $93,000 for a new total receivable amount of $12,145,871, be approved; that the Chair of the Board be authorized to sign the Amendment on behalf of the County and the Controller be authorized to receive and disburse funds and directed, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Human Services and Public Health Department receive a supplemental appropriation of $93,000 to the 2019 Human Services and Public Health budget, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the sponsorship and acceptance of grant funding for this program by the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners does not imply a continued funding commitment by the county for this program when grant funds are no longer available.


In 2004, the State of Minnesota established a business plan to end long-term homelessness. In response, Hennepin County entered into a cooperative agreement with six other metro counties (Board Resolutions 06-6-358, 09-260) to develop and submit the Metropolitan Counties’ Long Term Homeless Supportive Services Plan to the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) to fund services in supportive housing programs that would allow the “seamless” delivery of services and coordinated allocation of resources across metro county boundaries. Under the governance structure of this agreement, Hennepin County is designated as fiscal agent and lead agency contractor for this multi-county effort. Since the initial funding in 2006 and through December 31, 2015, DHS had continued to allocate resources totaling $31,548,589 towards this effort (Board Resolutions 06-6-358, 07-416, 08-323, 09-0286, 10-0280, 11-0329R1, 12-0332, 13-0377, and 15-0193 ).


Amendment 4 to the current grant agreement will increase the receivable amount by $93,000 to a new total receivable amount of $12,145,871. Through Agreement A154206, Hearth Connection serves as the administrative entity for the delivery of services and allocation of resources for this initiative, and to ensure consistency in services standards and outcomes, for most of this granted funding.

The additional funding from this amendment will support the work of Avivo through a new Hennepin County agreement. Avivo will provide supportive services to adults in emergency shelter and unsheltered settings, particularly at the temporary Navigation Center in Minneapolis, with the end goal of helping those receiving services access permanent housing.


Services as part of this agreement include:

  • Housing readiness services for an estimated 90 single adults currently experiencing long term homelessness
  • Assessment for service gaps and tenancy barriers
  • Hands-on assistance to help people access all possible benefits, collect required documentation, complete applications, and remediate tenancy barriers
  • Housing identification, including landlord recruitment and engagement and housing search
  • Enrollment in Avivo’s Housing Support programs to ensure ongoing rental assistance and support services once in tenancy