FINAL BOARD AGENDAChair:Marion Greene, District 3
Vice-Chair:Debbie Goettel, District 5
Tuesday, May 18, 2021Irene Fernando, District 2
1:30 PM Angela Conley, District 4
Chris LaTondresse, District 6
Kevin Anderson, District 7

1.Pledge of Allegiance
2.Approval of Agenda
3.Open Forum on Agenda Items

Instructions to participate are available at Please identify yourself, keep your remarks to no more than two minutes, direct comments solely to county board members, and speak respectfully. Your remarks should be limited to topics that are relevant to agenda items.

4.Hennepin Highlights
5.Minutes from Previous Meeting
A.May 4, 2021 Minutes
6.Referral of Correspondence and Department Communications
Professional and Personal Service Agmts/Amds of $100,000 or less which have been approved by Department Director, Assistant/County Administrator. Report Number: 21RAA-03
County Receivable contracts approved by the County Administrator during the first quarter of 2021. Report Number 21RAA - 1st Qtr Rec.
Ltr - 04/27/21 - John A. Zygaj, P.E. Regional Engineer, FERC - RE: Dam safety surveillance and monitoring project; St. Anthony Falls Hydroelectric Project.
Claim/Summons - 1. Amanda R. Cefalu, Kutak Rock LLP - RE: Clifton Willmeng v. Alina Health System. - 2. Steven R. Little, Attorney - RE: Land title summons in application for registration of land. - 3. Julia D. Zwak, Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid - RE: Lincoln Freeman and Albert Garland v. Hennepin County
B.Department Communications
Claims Register for the period ending May 21, 2021
Claims Register for the period ending May 28, 2021.
Referred to Public Works Committee
Neg agmts PW 25-20-19 and PW 44-20-20 with Minneapolis for cost participation and maintenance responsibilities for traffic signal replacements and pedestrian ramp upgrades on CSAH 5, CSAH 21 and CSAH 66, (CP 2183500) (county cost NTE $1,330,000 State Aid, $990,000 County Bonds)
Neg agmt PW 13-34-21 with Maple Grove for cost participation in pedestrian crossing safety improvements on CSAH 30 at Larch Lane North, in Maple Grove (CP 2183300) (county cost NTE $35,000 County Bonds)
Neg Amd 2 to Agmt A166373 with Met Council for the METRO Green Line Extension Project to incorporate additional Environmental Response Fund grant parcel locations eligible for reimbursement, no change to NTE
Neg Amd 8 to Agmt A177882A with Met Council for the METRO Blue Line Extension project (CP 1005877); extend period to 02/28/22; no change in NTE
Referred to Public Safety Committee
Establish a public hearing on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 1:30 p.m. for public comment on the HCSO draft policy regarding the use, storage, reporting, retrieval and dissemination of images and data captured by the unmanned aerial system (UAS)
Agmt A2110781 with MN Dept of Commerce accepting grant funding for enhanced auto theft prosecution efforts, 07/01/21-06/30/23, $548,425 (recv)
Referred to Administration, Libraries and Budget Committee
Neg Agmt PR00003299 with the City of Minneapolis for Queen Ave Bike Blvd safety improvements, 06/01/21-12/31/22, NTE $200,000
Allocate $31,717,562 Emergency Rental Assistance funds (new allocation NTE $56,749,736); amend agmts to administer emergency rental assistance, ext end date to 09/30/25, incr total combined NTE by $16,595,562; supp app of $16,845,562 to 2021 HED budget; and supp app of $14,872,000 to 2021 HSPH budget
Referred to Health and Human Services Committee
Human Services & Public Health resolution, including contracts and amendments to contracts with provider – Report 2108
Agmt A2110773 with MN Dept of Human Services, for Opioid Response Services, 05/01/21-09/29/22, $481,739 (recv)
Commendation of Steve Groen - offered by Commissioner Goettel
8.Commissioner Communications/Updates
9.Administration COVID-19 Update
10.Claims Register
Claims Register for the period ending May 7, 2021
Claims Register for the period ending May 14, 2021
Establish a public hearing on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 1:30 pm during the County Administration, Libraries and Budget Committee for the purpose of issuing debt under the county’s 2021-2025 Capital Improvement Program.
Amd 1 to Agmt PR00001187 with Gartner Inc. to provide information technology research and advice services, no change to dates, incr NTE by $50,900
Submission of HC Consortium 2021 Action Plan; neg Agmts A2110725, A2110726, A2110727 w/HUD for the 2021 CDBG, HOME, ESG Pgrms, 07/01/21-06/30/26, est recv $4,938,146; neg 27 CDBG agmts, 07/01/21-06/30/26, est NTE $2,350,191; neg 4 HOME agmts, 07/01/21-06/30/66, est NTE $1,912,556
Human Services & Public Health resolution, including contracts and amendments to contracts with provider – Report 2107
Agmt A2110740 with the MN Dept of Corrections to fund the Intensive Supervised Release program, 07/01/21-06/30/23, $3,778,400 (recv)
Agmt A2110736 with the MN Dept of Public Safety, Office of Justice Programs to provide sexual assault prosecution efforts in suburban police departments, 04/01/21-12/31/22, $231,500 (recv)
Authorize acceptance of additional Title IV-E funds for Federal Foster Care Program services; supp appr of $640,000 and 3 FTEs to the 2021 Adult Representation Services department budget
Approve proposed acquisition of two land parcels by the state for inclusion in Wood-Rill Scientific and Natural Area
Neg agmt PW 11-04-21 with Brooklyn Park for temporary traffic signal system and pedestrian ramp improvements at CSAH 103 and Candlewood Drive (CP 2183500) (county cost NTE $100,000, property tax)
Neg agmts PW 08-84-21 and PW 10-84-21 with BNSF Railway and Brooklyn Park for replacement of one railroad crossing at 73rd Avenue North and maintenance responsibilities of two railroad crossings at 73rd Avenue and Brooklyn Boulevard in Brooklyn Park, CP 2092200 (no county cost)
Establish Juneteenth as a Hennepin County Holiday - Offered by Commissioners Conley and Fernando
Negotiate a Joint Powers Agreement with the City of Maple Grove for the operating activities of the North Metro Regional Public Safety Training Facility, and any subsequent transactional documents required; $700,000 supplemental budget appropriation to 1007652 North Metro Regional Public Safety Training Facility
Allocate up to $15,000,000 in CARES Act funds to Hennepin Healthcare Systems, Inc., for eligible COVID-19 related expenses incurred through 4/30/2021; delegate authority to the County Administrator to determine eligible reimbursements.
2021 Citizen Advisory Board Applicants and Appointments - Community Action Partnership - Hennepin County (CAP-HC)
14.Old Business
Authorize execution of 2021 annual operating grant agreements with Metropolitan Council for the Blue Line LRT (PR00003047), Green Line LRT (PR00003046), and Northstar Commuter Rail (PR00003048)
15.Immediate Approvals
Award Contract 5179A0 to American Liberty Construction, Inc., for the Medina Welding Expansion project, $644,800.